Premium Synthetic Polymer One Gallon

  • Excellent all purpose lubricant for electrical and telecommunications and data applications.
  • Easy-to-apply gel clings instantly to the cable and allows for easy handling and application.
  • Compatible with most types of cable jackets, including polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets.
  • Superior "clingability" to coat wires and conduit evenly.
  • Clean, non-staining, slow drying formula.
  • Easy clean up. Non-toxic.
Premium Synthetic Polymer One Gallon - 51017

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Cat. No. Container Description Temperature Use Range Weight (lbs.)
51017 one-gallon pail  Premium Synthetic Polymer, One-Gallon Pail  20°F to 140°F (-6°C to 60°C)  8.75 
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Do not use wet product on live circuits. Compound is electrically conductive before it dries.