Cutting & Notching Tools

Nibbler Tool

  • Cuts soft sheet metal, plastic, soft copper and aluminum, and tubing.
  • Ideal for air conditioning and heating installation, automobile work, model making, and sheet metal construction.
Nibbler Tool - 76011B

Pictured: 76011B   
Cat. No. Description Cuts Weight Per (oz.)
76011B nibbler cutter with blade  up to 18 gauge soft sheet metal, soft copper and aluminum up to 1/16". and tubing from a 1" I.D.  5.6 
All dimensions are in inches and (millimeters) except where indicated.

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The downloadable files are compressed in .zip format to save on downloading times.
Decompressing .zip files requires applications such as WinZip for the PC and Stuffit Expander for the Macintosh.
Always wear approved eye protection.

Never use on or near live electrical circuits.